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Why outsource your translation work?


Whether your business needs translations of English to French, Spanish to English or French to English, you’ll almost always end up with better results by outsourcing the job to a professional language translation agency.


Speaking and writing are two very distinct means of communication. Oral fluency does not guarantee a smooth writing style that is formal, informative, accurate, and usable. More often than not, written text will identify the writer as someone coming to the text from a second language. Depending on the purpose of your document—to instruct, to represent your company or yourself, to market, contract someone—the quality of your text, the necessity of your intent must be foolproof. If your wish is to project a professional image, a professional translation is a small expenditure with a significant return on investment.


The ability to properly translate documents is a skill that can take years to hone, and most businesses don’t have staff members who are actually capable of tackling difficult translations. A professional language translation agency is added value to a project and to a company. Their qualified translators offer a mastery of the language, quality control, and a professional look to your deliverables. Outsourcing this work rather than hiring an in-house translator is both cost-effective and efficient. An outsourcing partner, one with whom you can establish a successful working relationship, is a wise business and fiscal decision.


Finally, no one reads your texts more carefully than your translator does. Good translators strip down your sentences entirely before creating new ones in the target language. Along the way, he or she is likely to find sections where clarification is needed. This additional level of proofing allows you to modify your original text to be more effective, more readable, and ultimately more useful.


Resist the temptation to do the translation yourself. However, if you do, we advise you to have your documents reviewed by a competent translator.

My business relationship with Sonia Gouin started in 2007 and I’ve always appreciated the rigor, consistency and efficiency she provides. She always finds a way to satisfy our demands or suggest alternative solutions when required. Thank you to LinguiScience’s team for their quick and professional translation, editing and proofreading services.
Michelle Dallaire Bélanger UPT
We’ve been working with LinguiScience for the past seven years. Sonia is a vital business partner. I truly feel that she’s part of our team and will do whatever is necessary to meet our demands. No more shopping around. I did it seven years ago and Sonia and her team are irreplaceable!
Martin Lespérance Essilor Canada
Reliability, professionalism and diligence are highly sought-after qualities when looking for a service provider. When you do find one that satisfies all these criteria, you can only refer them. I’ve been using the services of LinguiScience for a few years now and Sonia conducts this all with brilliance!
Eric PelletierEPConsultants